2015 AWSS Travel Award Application 

We are pleased to announce this year we will present three travel awards to undergraduate or graduate female students traveling and presenting their research at the 2015 International Tri-Society Meetings in Minneapolis, MN.
Additional information and application materials can be found here.
Submit your application package by September 18, 2015 to:
Dr. Rebecca Tirado-Corbalá

2015 AWSS Mentoring Award
Nominate your Mentor Today!

The Mentoring Award of the Association for Woman Soil Scientists (AWSS) is to recognize individuals (either male or female) who have made significant contributions to the education, professional growth, and achievement of females in soil science.  A plaque will be presented to the awardee at the annual meeting of AWSS during the ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting in Minneapolis , MN.
Many professors, researchers, and other educators have dedicated their work/effort to reduce the gender gap in soil science and we want to recognize them. If you know anyone who has helped female students or young female professionals and made a significant difference in their career achievement, please nominate those individuals for recognition by AWSS. 
A nomination packet will include:
nomination letter, curriculum vitae of the nominee, and two or more support letters
Submit the nomination packet by October 10th, 2015 to:
Suduan Gao
AWSS Mentoring & Mentoring Award Committee, Chair
USDA-ARS, Water Management Research
9611 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648

Call for AWSS Mentors
As a professional in soil science, you can help encourage girls and young women to become future soil science professionals by being a mentor in the Association for Woman Soil Scientists (AWSS).  This program is designed to provide young females with a great resource when help or guidance is requested, for selecting a college or graduate school, help with the admission process, support during their college/graduate school education, advice in career choices in soil science discipline, and other professional development advice. Your involvement can make a big difference in supporting a future female soil science (or closely related discipline) professional that will diversify our community.
The mentoring program is e-mail based and substantial time involvement is not expected.
If interested in serving as an AWSS mentor, please complete and send the following to:
AWSS Volunteer Mentor Form
Suduan Gao
AWSS Mentoring & Mentoring Award Committee, Chair
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The Association of Women Soil Scientists (AWSS) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization of women and men in soil science who support these goals:
  1. To establish and maintain high standards for professional women soil scientists;
  2. To promote and enhance communication among professional soil scientists;
  3. To promote a dialogue of soil information and to encourage an interchange with other technical and scientific communities;
  4. To promote better understanding of the role of soil scientists;
  5. To provide assistance and encouragement for women in non-traditional fields and for women seeking employment in the field of soil science.

Seeking nominations for:
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